Celebrating 100 Years of Our Office Building!

Celebrating 100 Years of Our Office Building!

It’s official: Our office is now a centennial building! In 1924, as Babe Ruth dominated the sports scene and President Calvin Coolidge made history, our office building was unassumingly built as a residential home on what is now 6309 Morningside Drive.

In the 1980s, Dr. Throckmorton converted 6309 to a dental office, which was eventually purchased by our own Dr. Jackie Sloop!

In 2015 after Dr. Jackie took over Dr. Throckmorton’s practice, she and her husband, Mike, rehabbed the space into what you know and love today — and their TLC  earned them an award from Southtown. They did many interior and exterior renovations, being mindful of balancing commercial use with residential neighborhood values. The resulting improvements showcase the practice while preserving the residential character of the building.

Now, as we celebrate 100 years, we invite you to join the party and share in the joy of a century filled with smiles — from the families who originally lived here to our dental family of today who visit us for dental care!

You’re Invited to our 100th Birthday Party:

  • Thursday, June 13th
  • 4 – 6pm
  • A fun and relaxed summer afternoon
  • Birthday cake
  • Snacks and drinks

We can’t wait to see you and celebrate! RSVP on Facebook by clicking this link. Thank you for YOUR contribution to 100 years of smiles at 6309!