Brad, Dental Assistant

Brad -- Dental Assistant
Brad — Dental Assistant



Where are you from?

St. Joseph, MO area


Concorde Career College

Role at Sloop Dental Co:

Dental Assistant

What year did you start at Sloop Dental Co.?


What is your experience in dentistry?

Dental Assisting since 2011

What is the best thing about Sloop Dental Co.?

Talking with the patients and helping people with their smiles

What do you like to do in your free time?

Play with my two cocker spaniel dogs, Molly and Bailey

The best thing about East Brookside:

The great restaurants

Favorite Kansas City tradition:

Sloop Dental Annual Oktoberfest

Royals, Chiefs or Sporting KC:

All of them!

Fun Fact:

I enjoy gardening!

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