Angie, RDH

Angie, RDH -- Dental Hygienist
Angie, RDH — Dental Hygienist



Where are you from?

Topeka, KS


JCCC Dental Hygiene Program

What is your role at Sloop Dental?

Dental Hygienist

What year did you start at Sloop Dental Co.?


What is your experience in dentistry?

I’ve been a dental hygienist in private practice for almost 18 years in both KS & MO.

What is the best thing about Sloop Dental Co?

I love that it’s a small office that feels like family.

What is your favorite patient success story?

There are too many to go back to, but I think just seeing the patient gain more confidence with their smile and overall oral health is the best thing about my job.

What do you wish people knew about oral health?

That your oral health affects the entire body. Poor oral health can lead to many health problems, especially problems with the heart and brain.

Are you involved with any outside organizations?

Not at this time….I have a toddler so I have no life 😉

What do you like to do in your free time?

Spend time with the family, read, grill out and any sporting activity I’m down for.

What’s the best thing about East Brookside?

The feeling of community. Everyone who lives or works in this part of the city really truly cares about it.

Favorite Kansas City tradition:

I always love it when it’s Big 12 basketball tournament time downtown.

Favorite KC non-profit:

Being a big animal lover, I definitely would say KC Pet Project. We collect must-need items throughout the year for that organization.

Royals, Chiefs or Sporting KC?


Fun fact:

I won a National Championship in basketball back in my college days.

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