We take doing our part seriously. Here are just a few of the actions we take to reduce our footprint.


Solar Powered:
The roof of our office houses 23 solar panels, allowing the sun to generate 50-100% of our power needs.
Bamboo Toothbrushes:
When you leave your cleaning, you’ll walk away with a beautiful toothbrush carved from a single piece of naturally grown Moso bamboo. Our toothbrushes contain no toxins, glues, or paints. All ink used on the packaging is soy based and the packaging itself is made from recycled materials that are (re)recyclable.
Compost Bin:
We’ve partnered with KC Can Compost to compost organic material from our office, diverting waste and helping the environment. KC Can Compost is committed to creating jobs for formerly homeless men and women and exposing the injustices that exist in low-income and communities of color. Bring in your used bamboo toothbrush and compost with us!
Biodegradable Floss:
Forget plastic floss, stored in plastic waste. We give all of our patients eco-friendly, silk floss made from just 3 ingredients: Natural silk, beeswax and organic mint leaf. Better yet, it’s stored in a plant-based shell that doubles as the dispenser.
Bicycle Parking:
When Dr. Sloop started Sloop Dental Co. in 2016, there was one thing she knew we needed: bicycle parking. She partnered with BikeWalkKC to create our iconic tooth-shaped bike racks and today we encourage all of our patients to ride their bike to our office!
e-Bike Hub:
Beyond bicycle parking, we are a Ride KC Bike Electric Assist Smart e-Bike hub! We have partnered with BikeWalkKC, Drop Mobility and RideKC to offer a place to check-out and drop-off the electric-assist bikes, perfect for that little extra boost on hills.


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